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$45 | 60 minute float

Floating is ideal for students; in a relatively short space of time floating can produce many positive effects. Research has shown, for instance, that floating can also improve your memory, learning performance, ability to concentrate and creativity.

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Floatation Therapy

Come enjoy an hour (or more) of total relaxation while you float in our  state of the art Float Rooms! Heated to skin temperature, the 200 gallons of water is saturated with 1,000 lbs of Epsom Salt, allowing you to float effortlessly.

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Infrared Sauna Therapy

Ignite your wellness journey and join the Infrared Revolution with Infrared Sauna Therapy! Find harmony and inner balance as the safe and invisible light rays penetrate deep into your skin releasing toxins like heavy metals, chemicals and plastics that may have accumulated in your body.

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Massage Therapy

*please call the Spa to book a massage appointment*

Relaxation/Swedish Massage|Therapeutic Massage|Cupping Therapy|CranioSacral (SM)|Hot Stone Therapy|Raindrop Therapy|Aromatherapy|Facial Rejuvenation Therapy|Prenatal Massage


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Red Light Therapy

Our Red Light Therapy bed is the latest in Red Light photo-therapy, and not just for your face – this bed treats your entire body.  Specifically not a tanning bed, our Red Light Therapy bed is only for skin rejuvenation and contains no UVA or UVB.

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Try our revolutionary, non-invasive, heat therapy treatment! Recently cleared by the FDA, the AVACEN100 is the answer for many people who need or prefer a drug-free alternative for whole-body muscular relaxation, which might benefit a variety of chronic and acute medical conditions.

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I had the chance to try out A Better Me recently and loved the whole experience. The space is well done and very calming. The massage was fantastic. I felt like she had worked out a bunch of knots and tension while keeping it relaxing. Normally I’m a bit sore after a “good” massage, but this one offered the best of both. A very good, therapeutic massage and it felt amazing at the same time. I’d definitely go back.

Karen V.

A Better Me Spa is beautifully and great therapy. When I went it was a surprise for a birthday. I did Floatation Therapy. It was awesome! So relaxing, I had a knot from sleeping wrong and afterwards it was gone. After floating I felt like a new person! I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff! I will be coming back for more floatation and bringing others with to enjoy the experience. Thank you

Sherry B.

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