What’s Up “Down There”

Blog Post By:  Lindsay Reinhardt | Anicca Float Club – Naperville, IL | 2015

You are not mistaken, I said it… FLOATING AND VAGINAS! For anyone who has seen the “Vagina Monologues“, you know that we Ladies LOVE TO TALK about about our Vaginas.  I am here to shed some light on what you need to know about floating and your Va-jay-jay.

After, “Do I need to bring a swim suit?”, “How are the float tanks cleaned?” and “Can I drown if I fall asleep?”  The next question I get asked most often is, “Is my vagina going to sting in the float tank?” While I was dutifully observing my own Lady Bits sting during a float session I decided it was time to write a post about it.

Ladies, there are only a few things that cause vaginal stinging while you are in the float room. Fortunately, I have tried all of them and am here to give you my best tricks and tips to make sure you are a Happy Clam during your float sessions.

  1. Wait 48 hours after your Brazilian Wax: We recommend not shaving or waxing the morning of a float. When it comes to getting a Brazilian I recommend giving yourself a full 48 hours to recover. If the skin of your Honey Pot is still pink, puffy or irritated DO NOT FLOAT!  Wait until it is fully healed, trust me.
  2. Insert your Tampon Properly or use a Feminine Cup: If you end up floating when your Aunt Flow is visiting make sure you fully insert your tampon.  This is not the time to be lazy as the salty solution can wick its way inside of you and cause some discomfort. You can also purchase an insertable cup such as the Diva Cup that will not allow salt to wick its way inside.
  3. Float BEFORE You F -F- F Fornicate: Sure sex is amazing, but sex can also create micro tears in the skin of your Vag that will sting while floating.  Make sure you have enough lubricant or simply avoid sexual intercourse the day you float just like shaving.
  4. Post-Natal: Allow approximately 3 months to make sure you are fully healed.  If it is less than 3 months please check with your doctor, physician or midwife. If you have been cleared for the activities in #3 you should be in the clear for floating.
  5. Your Va-Jay-Jay is Already Irritated or Unhappy: If things are already grumpy in your southern hemisphere floating is not going to improve the situation. Let any irritation or burning from infections clear before floating.

If you make one of these Who-Ha faux pas before getting in the float tank, you can always apply some petroleum jelly to project your skin.  It may be challenging, but you CAN breathe through it. The initial shock is always the worst, but it does subside. As I say all the time, nothing lasts forever, everything is ANICCA! 🙂

Finally, if your Feminine Flower has ever burned in the float tank and one of these 5 reasons was not the cause, then please shoot me an email. I will gladly update this post and learn something new!

A few thoughts that came up after I wrote this post:

1) I have only floated in tanks, pods and rooms where hydrogen peroxide was being used as the primary sanitizer/oxidizer.

2) I have sensitive skin and thick hair.  Ladies who do not have such thick hair or sensitive skin, might not require 48 hours after waxing.

3)  Vaginal dryness/Menopause – Since the most common age group (so far) to comment on vaginal discomfort in the float tank is from the 50 an older crowd, I suspect dryness could be fueling the problem, but this is just a theory.

4) Hormonal changes – As women our hormones are constantly in a state of flux. Seasonality, menstrual cycles, illness. Notice where you are in your menstrual cycle when you experienced the discomfort.  If you want to give floating another try shoot for a different time in your cycle to see if that has any effect on the experience.

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