Why You Need To Unplug

How many times have you browsed social apps on your lunch break? Do you even take your phone to the bathroom with you? After work do you leave one screen only to turn on another one? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are not alone.

I remember a time before checking email was part of my morning, afternoon and evening routine. I recall what it was like to experience something amazing without immediately wanting to post a notice on a public board for everyone to see. I remember living life without a smart phone tether, without being expected to reply immediately to messages, without always knowing exactly where I was 100 percent of the time.

Everywhere you look these days, everyone is on their phones. Whether you’re at work, at a restaurant, at a baseball game, or even sitting in traffic!

We’ve become immune to the social customs of our lives pre-cell-phone era. These were the glory days, where we weren’t glued to our “smart” phones. Now, we’re enslaved to our little pocket-sized devices, and it’s taking away a lot of joy in our lives.

There are a number of reported benefits to unplugging such as:

  • Greater creativity 
    Excessive mobile use has been linked to less creativity and slumps in creative energy
  • Better moods
    Constantly being plugged in can cause depression
  • Less feelings of inadequacy and jealousy
    Seeing the idealised lives projected by others on social media can cause a distorted sense of self worth.
  • Less fear of “missing out”
    Those addicted to tech can often be afraid that they will miss out on important news or updates if they are not constantly plugged in
  • Greater appreciation of the real world
    Whether it be the emotions of those around you or the evening song of a small bird, you can miss so many wonderful little things in life if you are always glued to a screen.

I know first-hand how tough it can be to set down your phone, but I urge you to try. Even if you can only make it half a day without a text or call, give yourself credit for those hours – and try again another time! You’ll probably realize that life is so much more enjoyable when you actually truly experience it!

So put your phone away and spend some time at A Better Me where you can unwind the natural way. Why not take a break from social media for 30 days and reward yourself with a relaxing float session? Schedule an appointment today! Call 262-408-7597 or book here!

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