Reduce Your Stress By Sweating

Life is definitely a balancing act. Between work, a social life, family time, exercising, to-do lists, self-care, holidays, and so on, it’s pretty much impossible to remain stress free. Although, there are ways to manage the ebbs and flows of life to create a manageable and healthier way to live. 

Your mental state affects your overall health more than you think. Our physical health will actually be negatively impacted the more stressed out we become. Stress is a natural reaction to anything our body has to quickly respond to either physically, mentally, or emotionally. High levels of stress can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure, improper sleep, skin issues, weight gain, food cravings, memory issues, and debilitating to a healthy lifestyle.

Sweating in our infrared sauna is clinically proven to not only reduce stress levels, but change your life with a multitude of other health benefits. You’re able to unplug and relax in your 30 minute private sauna session and will instantly notice a difference in stress levels. The infrared heat penetrates human tissue to deeply detox and relax your muscles to relieve daily tension we carry with us. Infrared saunas promote increased circulation, which will speed up muscle recovery, wound healing, improve brain function, and increase serotonin levels (which makes you happy)!

Take 45 minutes to have some much needed alone time and remove yourself from all that stimuli. We are constantly exposed to stressors on a daily basis that our brain subconsciously filters out without our awareness. The hormone, Cortisol, releases naturally into our body to respond to this on-going stress. Cortisol also regulates our metabolism functions, blood pressure, and immune system.

Higher levels of Cortisol leads to weight gain, mainly in the face and stomach area, high blood pressure, along with impaired mental and physical health. Infrared saunas will help stabilize and lower Cortisol levels to improve your health with every sweat session! Your blood pressure will be lowered, you’ll feel more relaxed, and your sleep will improve. You will leave your sweat session feeling like you just left the spa or a massage appointment, definitely relaxed and mentally recharged.

Now more than ever is the time to focus on your health and well-being. Another reason not to stress, you’ll be burning 300 – 600 calories per sweat session all while laying down. Time to detox!

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