Using An Infrared Sauna For Post-Workout Recovery

Infrared saunas are known to provide excellent detoxification and pain relief, aid in weight loss and relaxation and help improve your immune system and mental clarity. While these are benefits all infrared sauna users can enjoy, athletes in particular can utilize infrared sauna therapy for post-workout recovery.

How Does It Work?

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to detoxify and our saunas provide the deepest, most detoxifying sweat. They help to eliminate toxins and chemicals from within fat cells that hinder an athlete’s performance as well as burden their overall wellness routine.

Infrared wavelengths provide deep penetrating heat therapy to joints, muscles and tissues by increasing blood circulation and speeding oxygen flow to areas of discomfort. In addition, infrared sauna therapy breaks up and reduces lactic acid deposits, accelerating connective tissue repair and allowing tight and worn-out muscles to relax, so athletes can safely get back to training.

Athletes are definitely feeling the healing power of infrared saunas and have incorporated the use of this powerful energy source into their workout regimen to really maximize their performance and recovery; so much so that the Under Armour Training Center uses Jacuzzi Infrared Saunas, the Miami Dolphins Training Center converted their traditional sauna into a Clearlight Infrared Sauna and decorated CrossFit athlete Noah Ohlsen (left) uses the Sanctuary Outdoor 5. Many respected professionals in the health industry boast about the benefits of using infrared sauna therapy and recommend regular use, including Dr. Josh Axe, Ben Greenfield, Dr. George Yu, MD and many others.

If you’re looking to elevate your post-workout recovery, book an infrared sauna session at our spa today 262-408-7597!

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