Enjoy the moment – over and over.

Want more spa for less money? Enjoy the benefits of floats, massages, and sauna sessions every month of the year with our Membership. You can purchase our services individually or in packs at an affordable rate, but you get the best value by becoming a member! Feel renewed and refreshed again and again, at a great monthly rate – because we believe everyone should have a spa day on their calendar. Dive deep into yourself, manage stress, start or supplement your meditation practice, and connect to an amazing tribal community of conscious-minded individuals!



one | 60 minute float
one | 45 minute sauna OR
one | 30 minute float upgrade

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two | 60 minute floats
one | 45 minute sauna OR
one | 30 minute float upgrade

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Unlimited additional floats @ $45/float
Unlimited additional sauna sessions @ $20/sauna
$20 OFF all 60 or 90 minute massage sessions
Upgrade to 90 minute float for $10
-Bring in 1st-timers for $45
10% OFF Retail

3-month minimum policy (unused floats have a 3-month expiry post – cancellation)
-Membership monthly auto payments must be on 1 credit card
Unused floats roll-over/never expire as long as your membership is active
-Membership can be suspended 1x/year for 1 month


**Our monthly membership is the best deal around for those who want to get the most from floating. After the first 90 days of your membership you cancel at anytime with a verbal or written notice a month in advance of your billing cycle – no long term commitments here! Unused floats have a 3-month expiry post-cancellation.


All Military (past & present) receive 30% OFF Float Memberships.
*must show valid military ID or other documentation

Employer Program

Floating is great for people who need to get through a creativity block, clear their minds, recharge their batteries and improve their performance in the workplace. Our Float Rooms offer a space clear of any stimulation where the mind is free to operate with maximum resources.

Have a business and want to reward your employees?
Email us if you’re interested in our employer program: