Floating provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the five senses and turn inward for a truly relaxing experience. You’ll step into a spacious, enclosed tub with about 10 inches of clean, filtered water, warmed to your external body temperature. As you lie back into the water, you’ll float effortlessly with over 1000 pounds of salt to keep you afloat. You can choose to keep the lights on or off, and listen to music or relish in silence, as you drift into a sense of comfort and stillness. 

pounds of epsom salts
gallons of water
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We recommend using our earplugs to avoid swimmers ear and salt in your ear canal. We will ask you to take a quick shower to remove any dirt, hair products, lotions and oils from your body before you enter the room.
As you lay in the water, your body floats effortlessly. You have the option to have all light and sound slowly fade away. By focusing on your breath (or nothing at all), the brain will naturally drift into a dream-like theta state. Within minutes of zero gravity, your body can relax, decompress, and re-align.
As your session comes to an end, the music and light will gently fade as you slowly ease out of your relaxed state.​ Guests are given 5 minutes at the end of their float to thoroughly rinse off all the salt water and another 10 minutes to get dressed.

Floatation Therapy Benefits

Since floatation therapy works to calm the mind and body, it is an ideal practice for those that are sleep deprived, work long hours, and need to re-charge. Floating naturally lowers stress hormones and releases endorphins, which can last for days. Those who try our float tanks can look forward to:


Floatation therapy provides a space where we can truly relax by reducing both cortisol and stress.


The weightlessness relieves all pressure on your body so it can release endorphins that help with chronic pain, fibromyalgia and other conditions.


When you float, the extremely high concentration of Epsom salts are absorbed through your skin and supplement your diet with a mineral.


Magnesium sulfate (epsom salt) is a muscle relaxant that increases efficiency of blood circulation, helping to heal the body naturally.


By removing almost all external stimulus and relieving ourselves of gravity, we can easily center our thoughts and allow our body to produce an abundance of endorphins.


By allowing for a healthier internal dialog while promoting positive thinking, floatation therapy has been shown to have a profound effect on an addict’s mental health.


Athletes that use floatation therapy in combination with visualization techniques, experience a very significant improvement in their performances. Stephen Curry is a devoted floater and Tom Brady even has a float pod in his own home.


Floating has a proven track record of reducing stress. An hour of complete quiet and calmness in a float tank can be an incredible relief for PTSD Sufferers.


While floating, the body goes into a state of deep relaxation allowing the brain to reach a Theta State that is only reached during sleep. As a result, this deep relaxation, Theta State, and calm mind, will contribute to a good night sleep.


A popular technique for minimizing the affects of jet lag and fatigue, one hour in a float tank is roughly equivalent to 6-8 hours sleep.


With less distractions and greater resources at its disposal, the mind is able to absorb new material very deeply with research showing improved performance in memory and recall activities.


When you float, the part of your nervous system that needs to be alert goes on pause, while the part responsible for relaxing us takes over.


Women who are pregnant have found profound relief from floating to alleviate the weight and pressures on their body. Many say it feels like a womb within a womb!


Your mind becomes endlessly more productive, creative and clear in the calm state it reaches through floating, which can improve focus and help with problem solving.


Endorphins are released while floating, providing the body with a sense of elation, critical for fighting off migraines and headaches.


The low-impact environment gives your body time to rest and recuperate, and gives your immune system the opportunity to shift into a higher gear, strengthening your body’s immune response.


Research indicates increased visual acuity, improved tactile perception, improved auditory sensitivity, and increased taste sensitivities after floating.

+ MORE...

The number of clinical research projects continues to grow, pointing to evidence of even more benefits of floating.


If any of the items listed below apply to you, we unfortunately will NOT allow you to float.

*We expect you to inform us of any conditions for your own safety and the safety of other floaters! If you are unsure if floating is for you, check with your doctor. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.


Expectations are one of the greatest hindrances to having a good float.  It’s very important that you allow yourself to let go and know that whatever your experience, your body is receiving the benefits of deep relaxation.


For men, avoid shaving your face at least 6 hours before you float. For women, avoid shaving your body at least 12 hours before your float. During your float, any lesions will be distracting due to the Epsom salt sting.

Be sure to use the washroom prior to showering before you float. Talk about a distraction while in the room!

Avoid smoking at least 3 hours prior to Floating. It will stimulate you too much and most importantly, the scent will also disturb the atmosphere of our Float Rooms.

Avoid having caffeine before you float. The stimulation you experience from caffeine is the exact opposite way you’ll want to go when you are in the room.

Being dehydrated before the float may not be the best state, particularly for your brain. Therefore a healthy daily hydration practice is just good for optimal biology!

A full stomach is not great for floating, nor is and empty stomach. So having a light, easily digestible meal 1.5 to 2 hours pre-float is ideal.

For guests with recently colored hair or highlights, we recommend not floating until you have shampooed your hair at least twice. Dyes can (in some cases) bleed out or be affected by the heavy concentration of epsom salt. So we say to wait at least 7 days before floating.

Please wait at least 2 weeks after a receiving a spray tan before floating.

We have found performing physical activity (yoga, cardio, or resistance training) before you float can greatly enhance the floating experience. Your body has expended pent-up energy, your muscles and tissues are loose and flowing with blood, and your mind is clear and calm.


Although first-time floaters might feel shy about entering the float room naked, floating in the nude is the most effective way to enjoy the benefits. However, bathing suits are certainly permitted, but the way they pull on your skin will likely detract from the experience. Floating naked allows you to experience complete sensory deprivation.

Your breath can be an amazing tool for calming the mind and relaxing the body. Try to breathe primarily from your nose. At first, you can consciously take deep breaths, but once you settle into your experience try less to manipulate the breath and more just observing the breath. Your body will always remember to breath, there is no need to control your breath.

There are only two real positions in the room: with your arms at your side, palms down; arms over-head with your palms up. Play around with the two to see which feels better for your body. Also, try to position your body in the middle of the room to avoid “ping-ponging” from side to side. To do this, brace your arms and legs against the sides of the room to position your torso in the middle. Once you feel the water to be calm, slowly and evenly retract your limbs back to the mid-line of your body.

Don’t “try” to do anything in the room, don’t force something to happen, don’t expect something to happen; this is the exact opposite direction from where you may want to go while in the room. You will not fall asleep necessarily, just be present. Repetition of a focus word such as “peace”, “relax”, or “let go” spoken in your mind in unison with your exhalation can help at first, but the message here is to just let go of conscious control.

Being physically still by finding a comfortable position and remaining there combined with stilling your mind either through breath awareness or a focus word (mantra) can lead you into a state of holistic stillness. This can generate the perception of timelessness, your state of being will be extremely relaxed and this is when the body is in a state of healing.

With external stimuli at a minimum, your nervous system will turn up the volume to try and sense anything. Since there is still “nothing” coming in there is a great opportunity to simply sense whatever is left to be felt within your internal body. Feel your arms, legs, torso, head, as intensely as possible. Cultivate as much sensitivity to these parts as possible. Feel the energetic uniformed consistency of these parts and observe them without judgment, without limits. Most importantly, you should observe your thoughts, emotions and sensations.

I tried Flotation therapy for the first time yesterday, I definitely will be doing it again and I highly recommend it. Especially for athletes who need help recovering, my body feels like I just hit the reset button, all minor aches and pains, gone. But even for someone who wants to just decompress a little bit and take their mind off things.

- Tony W

For a first time floater it took a little while for my mind and body to adjust to the new sensation of floating without effort or care. Once my mind and body were in sync with the weightlessness, for me, it became spiritual. Top-shelf staff and beautiful environment that sets the stage for an overall healing mind / body experience.

- Teri P

Everything about this place is beautiful and welcoming from the space to the staff and owners. I did my first float ever here and can’t wait to come back. I truly enjoyed the quiet hour to myself but have been even more please with the “side effects” I’ve experienced since. Best sleep I’ve had in awhile, my recurring injury pain has subsided and I truly just feel an overall sense of peace. I highly recommend everyone try a float, especially here!!

- Christina Z

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our floatation therapy services. If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

We prefer that you wear nothing but your birthday suit. Anything you wear will get very heavy with the salt solution and press against your body, becoming a distraction. Your experience is completely private from beginning to end and there are locks on every treatment room door.

We have had several guests with varying degrees of claustrophobia and each has successfully floated and enjoyed their experience! In addition, you are in control of your environment at all times. You can open the door, leave a light on and play music if desired.

Yes! The zero-gravity environment is ideal for managing back pain and discomfort during pregnancy. There have also been reports of women having deep levels of connection with their unborn children while floating. Experiences such as hearing the baby’s heartbeat, or feeling the baby move for the first time in early pregnancy are common.

Our sensory deprivation rooms get an hour deep cleaning between each use. Our automated filtration system employs UV, ozone and a dual filtration system, to filter the water particles down. This is performed three times between each session, ensuring pristine water.

We adhere to an extremely strict set of testing protocols. The water is tested every day for hygiene, specific gravity, pH balancing, sterilization, temperatures. In addition, our specially designed filters are capable of screening the water down to as little as 1 micron (100th the size of a hair).

If you have longer hair, you may want to bring a comb.  Also, something to put your contact lenses into while you’re in the float room.  Other than that, we provide everything you need (towels, earplugs, body wash, shampoo and conditioner).

Yes, the benefits of the magnesium are known to ease the symptoms of PMS. However, we just ask that you please use the same sanitary precautions as when swimming in a pool.

What happens to your newly dyed hair when you shower at home? Is the water clear? If not, you should probably wait before you float.  To clarify, if there is still some color coming out you should wait to float after 7 or more days/showers.

Enjoy it! The water has a high content of Epsom salts, which provides natural buoyancy. It is physically impossible to sink or to turn over in your sleep. So lie back and the solution will totally support you.

That’s OK. Floating is as easy as taking a bath. You just step in, sit down, and lay back. You can touch the bottom with your hands. There is no skill required, you just let the salty water do the work – you’ll actually float like a cork and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are.

No, the float room is heated all the time. The temperature of the water feels warm when you get in, but in fact it is at normal skin temperature, and this is exactly right for floating for a long time. 

No. Floatation therapy is not for everyone. It’s not ‘normal’, but if it connects with you the results are amazing.  Like anything it is only a tool, a practiced way to achieve a goal. The closest analogy is that of meditation.

You may need to float a few times before you are able to relax completely, both physically and mentally. Depending on your own journey through life, a float might provide an hour of total physical relaxation. Floating can be a wonderful aid to opening doors into your inner world, gradually allowing access to those deeper levels at which real changes take place.

Yes, although there is little documentation of their responses. However, children have found it easier to dismiss their fears of being in a dark, enclosed space after only a few sessions of float therapy. Further research is being conducted on autistic children and the affects of Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST). It seems that sensory deprivation provokes positive changes in learning, social behavior, and cognitive function in autistic children.

The benefits of floatation therapy happen even with only one float. However, like any therapy consistent and repeated usage amplifies the results. Expect to go 3 times before you can really notice the feeling and difference that floating can make.


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