Got Questions

Questions you didn’t want to ask us?

I felt some nausea while in the float room – is that normal?

While it is reasonably unusual to feel queasy from floating, this reaction only ever occurs when extremely stressed people float. The Floatation experience activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When we relax, we flush the stress hormones and our digestion begins to function appropriately which can agitate deadened nerve endings and at the same time our system removes the toxins.  So while it is unpleasant, it is a sure sign that you needed to do something for your stress, and you should stick with it. In most cases the unpleasant sensations do not come back.However, if you do feel nauseous again, just know that we always have good ginger chews on hand, that do really help!

A headache came with the Float – is that normal?

It’s definitely not normal to get headaches with floating. However, usually dehydration is the cause. It is important to stay hydrated throughout your day before your float! Drink lots of H2O.

I was in pain – is this normal?

Usually the pain is caused by muscles beginning to relax, which destabilizes surrounding muscles/structures for a time until everything finds a way to work together cohesively again. Basically.. as muscles/tendons/fascia relax sometimes others nearby hurt and/or get tired because they’re doing work they haven’t done in a while.

However, if you have old injuries, it is also likely that some arthritis has set in which can narrow the canal where the nerves come out and travel around your body – when the nerves touch or pinch it could cause radiating pain. If you also notice any muscle spasms during your float, this is the salt healing your old injuries from the outside in.

The issue does dissipate over time with additional floats. If you do experience this on your next float, use your knuckle to rub the area you’re feeling pain in, stretch if it helps, and feel free to sit up if you need to.

My southern hemisphere was grumpy – is this normal?

1.If the skin of your Honey Pot is still pink, puffy or irritated YOU SHOULD NOT FLOAT! You should always wait 48 hours after your Brazilian Wax.

2.Post-Natal: You should allow approximately 3 months to make sure you are fully healed.  If it is less than 3 months please check with your doctor, physician or midwife.

3.If things are already irritated down there, floating is not going to improve the situation. Let any irritation or burning from infections clear before floating.

4.If you ended up floating when your Aunt Flow was visiting you may not have fully inserted your tampon.  The salty solution can wick its way inside of you and cause some discomfort.

5.Float BEFORE Sex. Sex can create micro tears in the skin of your Vag that will sting while floating.  Make sure you have enough lubricant or simply avoid sexual intercourse the day you float just like shaving.

If you make one of these Who-Ha faux pas next time before getting in the float room, you can always apply some petroleum jelly to project your skin.  It may be challenging, but you CAN breathe through it. The initial shock is always the worst, but it does subside.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 262.408.7597 or email us at