Red Light Therapy Packages

Like exercise and diet, Red Light Therapy results take several weeks of regular usage (going about every three days) before you see results. While you may notice you feel better even after just one or two visits, you should not expect many visible results until approximately seven to ten visits. Once desired results are obtained, continue treatment 1-2 times a week to maintain a smooth, healthy glow.

We cannot stress enough the importance of commitment in keeping regular Red Light Therapy sessions. We have designed packages to give you the time you deserve at a significant discount.

 One Month Unlimited – $49

 *one time purchase/one per person
*not shareable/not refundable

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Other Packages
 One Month Unlimited – $79
Three Months Unlimited – $180 ($60/month)

 *not shareable

5 Pack – $40 ($8/session)
10 Pack – $70 ($7/session)


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