What makes best spa in Menomonee Falls even better? Amazing savings on your favorite treatments all year long. From seasonal spa packages to weekly spa specials and must-have deals, A Better Me Spa will keep you (and your wallet) happy all year long.

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Referral Program

*ask the front for referral cards*
For every 4 friends you refer, you receive a F
REE 60 minute floatation therapy session

Happy Hour Friday Discount

Bring a friend to share your experience with! (discount only applied on Friday appointments)


Military Discount

Must show valid ID or other documentation.

MILITARY (PAST + PRESENT) | 30% OFF single sauna + float sessions

Student Discount

Must show valid student ID.

STUDENT | 60 Minute Float sessions for $50

Prenatal Discount

PRENATAL | 60 Minute Float sessions for $60

Gym Discounts

During your membership term.

BARRE DISTRICT MENOMONEE FALLS | 60 Minute Float sessions for $50
BURN BOOTCAMP MENOMONEE FALLS | 60 Minute Float sessions for $50

I have never floated before and my experience at A Better Me was incredible. Not only is the spa beautiful but it provides a relaxing atmosphere that only enhances the experience. The staff were knowledgeable and dedicated their time to help me understand the process as a first-time floater. After my float, I was more relaxed and slept better than I had in days. I highly recommend A Better Me for floatation and other spa services!

- Katherine B

This was my first float. I was amazed how quickly I acclimated to the room. I was aware of drifting in and out of sleep. I’m 5’9 and was able to stretch my arms out to my side and above my head! The staff was very friendly and took time to explain how everything worked and answer any questions. The facility is beautiful and reminds you of a spa like atmosphere. It’s set up nicely and very quiet and tranquil. I can’t wait to go again. I feel like I slept for a week and my muscles aren’t achy! It’s definitely worth it, give it a try.

- Shelly G

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I am a huge believer in Epsom salt baths, I suggest them to a lot of my clients, but this is a completely different experience… I was afraid to try this “floating” thing, because I don’t know how to float (yes, I’m afraid of water and I can’t swim) but there is 1000 lbs of Epsom salt so I was able to float effortlessly. After 10 minutes of calming down I was finally able to relax and was able to meditate like never before, there are so many different uses for floating that you don’t have to meditate to get the full benefits I just chose to. I literally couldn’t feel my body (that is supposed to happen) and felt so refreshed and relaxed after, I suggest everyone give it a try, it’s great for anxiety, PTSD, stress, etc…

- Amanda P

Spa Gifts For Everyone

Things come and things go, but an experience of indulgent pampering and relaxation can last a lifetime. Pamper the people you love and appreciate with a spa gift certificate for a float, massage, or combination package! Or treat them to a spa gift card in any amount.

For a seasoned Spa visitor or the person who would otherwise never do this for themselves, this could be the beginning of a new lifestyle of self-care.


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