I tried Flotation therapy for the first time yesterday, I definitely will be doing it again and I highly recommend it. Especially for athletes who need help… Read more “Tony W.”

Tony W.

The entire experience was wonderful, very relaxing. Everything was explained very well. The treatment rooms having their own private showers was awesome too! A lot of spa’s make you… Read more “Jenny L.”

Jenny L.

I really enjoyed my experience at the spa. I used the flotation tank for an hour and my body felt very relaxed. The spa and the flotation… Read more “Daizhon N.”

Daizhon N.

I can’t thank A Better Me enough for helping me with my pain. In a very short period of time I have felt so much better than… Read more “Pat G.”

Pat G.

You must experience floating. Your body is so relaxed after, aches and pains disappear! And most of all.. You deserve it!

Kris S.

I have never floated before and my experience at A Better Me was incredible. Not only is the spa beautiful but it provides a relaxing atmosphere that… Read more “Kathrine B.”

Kathrine B.

I tried floating because I have chronic neck & back pain and daily headaches from a car accident. It took me a while to really relax in… Read more “Brenda R.”

Brenda R.

I can’t wait to go back! I went in with an aching back (from hotel beds) and left feeling amazing! What an experience to float and almost… Read more “Niki S.”

Niki S.

I’ve done several float sessions and can attest that they are relaxing and revitalizing. Have had back pain that has been removed. It’s an awesome experience.

Jeff S.

I just floated for the first time and wasn’t sure what to expect! (In a good way) all my expectations were beyond filled and I couldn’t think… Read more “Melissa E.”

Melissa E.

Beautiful place. Quiet and the decor is really nice. The owners are lovely people. For my first visit I opted to give the Red Light Therapy a… Read more “Lisa S.”

Lisa S.

A Better Me Spa is beautifully and great therapy. When I went it was a surprise for a birthday. I did Floatation Therapy. It was awesome! So… Read more “Sherry B.”

Sherry B.

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had, I am a huge believer in Epsom salt baths, I suggest them to a lot of my clients, but… Read more “Amanda P.”

Amanda P.

I went for an hour float and loved the experience! Really nice, peaceful place with welcoming and informative owners. I look forward to returning to try the… Read more “Ann G.”

Ann G.

I’m a nail tech who has fybro and arthritis, along with other joint conditions and after having an hour of water therapy I felt like all the… Read more “Dawn W.”

Dawn W.

My float was great! Truly a unique experience. Amazing staff, beautiful spa – clean, quiet. Can’t wait to return!

Joshua B.

I had my first float today. It was an awesome experience. A Better Me is absolutely beautiful inside. The staff is very knowledgeable. I will definitely be… Read more “Jamie W.”

Jamie W.

The whole vibe is relaxing, the space is beautiful (even smelled amazing!) and the owners are fabulous! The float, well, it was the best thing I’ve done… Read more “Jill A.”

Jill A.

This was my first float experience. The staff was very helpful in explaining the process and how to get started. Plus I am very Prego so they… Read more “Merissa Z.”

Merissa Z.

Relax is not normally a word in my vocabulary but WOW has floating changed that. My brain stopped running faster than the speed of light and I… Read more “Danielle T.”

Danielle T.

I really love going to this spa! It’s beautiful and clean and so inviting! I did the Yin Yoga and spa last night and loved it! I… Read more “Stephaney L.”

Stephaney L.

Loved my massage and float! Everyone on the staff is fantastic and the zen vibe is so peaceful. Everyone must float!

Tracy E.

I experienced my first float tonight and was so impressed. I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleased and relaxed with the service. A Better… Read more “Linda K.”

Linda K.

Had a very relaxing weekend thanks to a better me spa! Facilities were excellent and very clean and I had a great time! I will be returning… Read more “Andre S.”

Andre S.

A Better Me is such a GREAT Spa. You have all the right ideas, you are such a fantastic addition to Menomonee Falls. Menomonee Falls is lucky/blessed… Read more “Betsy D.”

Betsy D.

I visited this spa for a massage. The space is gorgeous. Very relaxing and the spa room was the perfect sanctuary. Treat yourself and visit this spa!

Catherine K.

I was at A Better Me for a massage and float. It was simply perfection from the moment I entered the lobby. The spa is a very… Read more “Tracy E”

Tracy E

If you’ve never had the opportunity to try float therapy……you need to go soon! This place is the epitome of serenity!! They offer many wonderful, holistic services… Read more “Lynn H.”

Lynn H.

Great way to relieve stress.I floated for the first time and was able to turn off my mind enough to fall asleep towards the end of my… Read more “Dan M.”

Dan M.

I have used several of the services at A Better Me Spa. It is a wonderful place that is welcoming, clean, & professional. Each treatment has been… Read more “Laurie G.”

Laurie G.

The float is fantastic, very relaxing, nothing else like it!

Sharon B.

Owners are warm and welcoming. They explained everything so clearly, made my experience there so comfortable.

Maura G.

The staff is so friendly and welcoming! Great location, impeccably clean, and a great place for float therapy.

Michael H.

Beautiful spa with a friendly and helpful staff. Every float experience gets better and better! Excited about their new massage therapist addition as well!

Breanna K.

Great atmosphere and friendly knowledgeable staff. I love this place!

Joe F.

My float yesterday was the best I’ve experienced and the preceding massage was so incredibly relaxing – perfect pressure and constant contact. The staff is so well-informed,… Read more “Kate N.”

Kate N.

From the decor to the gracious owners, the cleanliness, ambiance, one can’t possibly do anything but relax and be pampered. I highly recommend any of their services… Read more “Diane V.”

Diane V.

I had the most relaxing experience at A Better Me. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and the massage was so relaxing. Everything from the… Read more “Melissa E”

Melissa E

I had the chance to try out A Better Me recently and loved the whole experience. The space is well done and very calming. The massage was… Read more “Karen V.”

Karen V.

Sheri is seriously the best! She massaged me while I was pregnant and kept me feeling great! I hadn’t seen her in a while since giving birth… Read more “Katie B.”

Katie B.

This place have a relaxing vibe and in a clean building. Unique services offered to aid in relaxation and serenity. The people were extremely helpful and kind.… Read more “Juanita G.”

Juanita G.

Wonderful tension relief massage and then a 60 minute float. I have had excellent service every time I have gone to this spa.

Mary K.

A great place to relax! So many unique services offered for everyone. I have been back several times in the past year and am looking forward to… Read more “Alyssa M.”

Alyssa M.

I loved everything about my time here. The staff are incredible, the services top-notch, and they make the whole experience so seamless and easy. I will definitely… Read more “Ruth S.”

Ruth S.

The float is just amazing. The private individual spas are beautifully decorated and very soothing. The owners are extremely welcoming and helpful. The whole facility lends to… Read more “Michelle O.”

Michelle O.

The spa was awesome. Very relaxing and I plan to do it again with my husband. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Felicia D.

The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. They explained the services and what to expect. Had the Infrared Sauna and the floatation therapy after. Left feeling… Read more “Jill L.”

Jill L.

The staff was very happy and helpful, and I had a wonderful experience for my first Float! I can’t wait to go back for my sauna session.

Emma S.

I was so at Peace and Relaxed. The Staff is very Friendly & Respectable! I am going back every week. I am indeed going to become A… Read more “Nina R.”

Nina R.

This is a perfect way to let loose and relax after a long week of work! Chad and Cayla are very helpful and knowledgeable. I can’t wait… Read more “Sammy M.”

Sammy M.

A great relaxing atmosphere! Very knowledgeable & helpful staff! My flotation therapy was So relaxing! Beautiful property! Very inviting!!!!

Karrmin T.

I started with the Yin Yoga (provided by Peace Yoga in Menomonee Falls) at A Better Me Spa and tried my first 30 min float therapy 3… Read more “Dawn S.”

Dawn S.

What a great experience! Yoga, a fabulous massage, complimentary hand therapy, and calming, restful atmosphere. Already signed up for next Spa and Yoga night.

Lori M.

The atmosphere was very calming. The staff was great. Very eager to exploring the many options they have for stress relief.

Stephanie C.

Loved my first experience at A Better Me! I’ve had back issues for years and recently rolled my ankle. The floatation spa was amazing and provided immediate… Read more “M.J W”


For a first time floater it took a little while for my mind and body to adjust to the new sensation of floating without effort or care.… Read more “Teri P.”

Teri P.

I’ve done the Yin Yoga and Spa night a few times at A Better Me. What a relaxing and wonderful experience! The massage is superb! Yoga class… Read more “Bec H.”

Bec H.

It is an amazing spa with beautiful float rooms, relaxing ambiance, and great personnel! I look forward to each time I am able to come!

Kalee C.

This was my first float. I was amazed how quickly I acclimated to the room. I was aware of drifting in and out of sleep. I’m 5’9… Read more “Shelly G.”

Shelly G.

My husband and I did the infrared sauna. It was wonderful! I will definitely be going back again!

Laurelyn W.

Beautiful, clean & relaxing spa! First time float was amazing, can’t wait for another session.

Ashley P.

I drove from Central WI to try my first Salt Float and it was well worth the trip! Thank you to the owners for being so accommodating… Read more “Lacey L.”

Lacey L.

Beautiful experience, I will be back! The spa is stunning and I recommend float therapy to anyone who’s looking to relax, ease tension, and catch a break… Read more “Karlie S.”

Karlie S.

I have tried many float therapy spas and keep A Better Me as the REFERENCE FLOAT. From the greeting, the relaxing atmosphere, the tea room, the float… Read more “Roland B.”

Roland B.

The best float spa in the Milwaukee Area!! #ExperienceNothing

Ryan R.

Had my first float today and already can’t say enough good things about it! I had no idea what to expect, but I absolutely loved it. One… Read more “Katherine P.”

Katherine P.

Everything about this place is beautiful and welcoming from the space to the staff and owners. I did my first float ever here and can’t wait to… Read more “Christina Z.”

Christina Z.

Sheri has done an amazing job as I have been working through issues stemming from sciatica. She continually strives to find the best treatment to help bring… Read more “Rodney Z.”

Rodney Z.

I had my first massage this past week and I already can’t wait to go back! I’ve only had one massage previously from another person and that… Read more “Ruth S”

Ruth S

I had another wonderful night at a better me spa and yoga w/Diane Sutrick!!! I thought the first 2 times were amazing but my third time I… Read more “Wendy D.”

Wendy D.

I have been to a couple of different float places in Milwaukee and Madison but this by far is my favorite. It is the cleanest most relaxing… Read more “Tina B.”

Tina B.

I had my first float yesterday and I’m definitely hooked! It was very relaxing and I highly recommend it. As someone who has a slight fear of… Read more “Christine K.”

Christine K.

I had a massage…she helps me rebound from a hard month at work. Totally worth it. The spa is so inviting! The owners really care!

Donna C.

A Better Me has everything. The environment is so relaxing even before you enjoy your session. I have used the flotation room and loved it. I get… Read more “Shirley S.”

Shirley S.

I can’t describe how relaxing and therapeutic floating and infrared both are. I highly recommend a Better Me. They also have a military/veteran discount which is AWESOME!

Danah Z.

Tried Floatation Therapy for the first time. What an amazing experience! Not only was their facility clean but the staff was kind and professional. Also, this is… Read more “Jessica G.”

Jessica G.

Every service offered is a great way to thank your body for all the hard work it does day in & day out! Relaxing, soothing & rejuvenating… Read more “Lyn D.”

Lyn D.